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Auditing and Taxation Courses for Professional Accountants

The Professional Development Institute (PDI) is pleased to offer courses for professional accountants seeking additional training in the area of Auditing Practice and Federal Income Taxation. These courses are offered through the University of Waterloo‘s online learning environment LEARN and qualify as credits towards the requirements for public accounting licensure in Ontario.

All administrative questions regarding these courses (e.g., schedules, examinations, locations, grades and deferrals) should be directed to or 1-800-387-2991 ext 106.

Upcoming Start Date: TBD

Course offerings are subject to a minimum enrollment.

Tax I, II & III | Audit I, II & III |Textbooks | Refunds | Examinations | Course Fees

Note:  Tax and Audit courses must be completed in succession (i.e., Tax I is a pre-requisite for Tax II, Audit II is a pre-requisite for Audit III, etc.). A passing grade of at least 65% must be achieved in pre-requisite in order to be eligible to enrol in the subsequent course.


Registered? Get Textbooks by the first day of class.

We hope you are prepared for an active and engaging learning experience. Taxation, all appearances to the contrary, is a lively and engaging area of study. Clashing interpretations of tax law can spark energetic debates - especially when your own money is involved! It is often unclear how tax laws should be applied to real life situations, with no pre-existing "answer" to a dispute. The study of taxation thus requires independent analysis, argumentation, and interpretation. Memorization of facts and formulas will not take us very far in the study of taxation.

Since discussion and debate are so vital for learning about taxation, these courses will be highly participatory. You will not only be reading about taxation in this course. You will also be working with other students to assess and resolve tax situations. Everything you read will be applied to solve problems, and you will have to convince others of the correctness of your approach. Thus, in this course, you will be "learning by doing", not just learning by reading.

The Taxation material is divided into 3 courses – Taxation I, Taxation II, and Taxation III. Each course is 12 weeks in length, plus two assessment components – a midterm and a final exam, and builds on the competencies acquired through the prior course. While the time required to complete each week may vary, the expected minimum time commitment is 15 hours per week.

For Taxation I, II, and III the website will facilitate candidate learning though directed readings and the completion of group assignments. These groups will be composed of 4 - 5 individuals and candidates will have access to a group forum hosted on the course web site in order to assist groups who are geographically dispersed.


CMA Tax I Course Overview (PDF)

Tax I Course Schedule (PDF)

Suggested Weekly Work Pattern (PDF)


CMA Tax II Course Overview (PDF)

Tax II Course Schedule (PDF)

Suggested Weekly Work Pattern (PDF)


CMA Tax III Course Overview (PDF)

Tax III Course Schedule (PDF)

Suggested Weekly Work Pattern (PDF)

CMA Audit I, II & III

Registered? Get Textbooks by the first day of class.

The Auditing material is divided into three courses – Audit I, Audit II and Audit III.  Each course is 10 - 13 weeks in length, plus three assessment components – case questions, a midterm and a final examination.  You must complete the entire course within the prescribed time limit and be available to write exams on the required dates.  While the time required to complete each weekly module may vary significantly, the expected time commitment is 10 - 12 hours per week.

Note: the grading for Audit II includes successful completion of case questions from Modules containing Advanced Topics on a pass / fail basis.  The mid-term and final exams will be proctored by Certified Management Accountants of Ontario at locations across Canada.

Detailed PowerPoint lessons support the readings and are narrated by the instructor of the class. The lessons are available online. Additionally, online discussion boards will facilitate learning and provide students with access to the instructor and other classmates.

The Audit I to Audit III online courses are supported by LEARN, the University of Waterloo's online learning management system. Before taking one of these courses, please check your system to ensure it meets the minimum requirements.  High speed Internet access is a requirement for these courses.

Major parts of the course focus on elements of the context in which auditing is carried out, including such topics as:

  • The reasons for auditing
  • Auditing problems (e.g., liability and other current issues)
  • Auditing practice, which includes:
    • audit planning
    • internal control
    • audit evidence
    • audit procedures
    • information technology, and
    • audit completion and reporting
  • Implications of IT on Audit
  • Privacy, Internal Control and the Role of IT
  • IT Control Frameworks
  • IT Governance

CMA Audit I

CMA  Audit I Course Overview (PDF)

Audit I Course Schedule (PDF)

CMA Audit II

CMA  Audit II Course Overview (PDF)

Audit II Course Schedule (PDF)


CMA  Audit III Course Overview 9PDF)

Audit III Course Schedule (PDF)


The cost of the textbooks is the responsibility of the student. You should acquire the textbooks prior to the start of the course. When ordering, please review the options thoroughly.

Taxation I, II or III

  1. "Introduction to Federal Income Taxation in Canada (34th edition)", R.E. Beam, S.N. Laiken and J.J. Barnett, CCH Canadian Limited, Toronto, Ontario, 2013-14.  CCH Publications
  2. "Canadian Income Tax Act with Regulations (current ed.)" CCH Canadian Limited, North York, Ontario.  CCH Publications

To Purchase: Phone CCH at 1-800-268-4522.

Audit I and Audit II

  1. Auditing, An International Approach, 5th Edition (NOT 6th EDITION), Wally J. Smieliauskas, Kathryn Bewley. 
  2. CPA Canada Handbook - Accounting and Assurance: Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, (current ed.)

To Purchase: Visit an online bookstore to purchase the textbook. The CPA Handbook can be purchased at or the CA Store where non-member versions are available. Options are hard copies or subscription/DVDs.  The electronic format/subscription is updated regularly.

Audit III

  1. Computer Control & Audit Guide, 15th Edition, Boritz

To Purchase: Visit the University of Waterloo Bookstore. Enter the title in the search field to find the correct textbook.

Please direct any questions regarding textbooks to or 1-800-387-2991 ext 106.


Withdrawal from the course before the start date will result in a refund of 100%. Please contact CMA Ontario regarding withdrawals. Refunds are not available to candidates who voluntarily decide to withdraw after the start of the course.


Candidates will be required to write midterm and final exams on the indicated date at a specified centre arranged by their respective provincial bodies. Information about exam location and other details will be emailed to students at least 7 business days prior to the examination date.

It will be considered an attempt and a failure if a candidate, who has not been granted a formal deferral by the CMA Ontario, does not appear at the assigned examination centre for a mid-term or a final examination.

If a candidate has a legitimate and documented reason for missing a midterm, the candidate will have the weight of the midterm added to the weight of the final exam.  If the candidate cannot provide a legitimate and properly documented reason, the mark for the midterm will be zero.

If a candidate misses a final exam, the candidate will write the final exam at the next offering of the course, unless a fair accommodation can be arranged.

Deferrals: An examination deferral will only be granted in extenuating circumstances.  Normal employment related obligations (i.e., month and year-end, tax season, special projects are not considered for a deferral).  Applications for deferrals must be submitted in writing and must be supported by the appropriate documentation.

Grades: The results of midterm and final examination are posted 3 weeks after the examination.  The grades are only accessible by students and instructors.  Under no circumstances will results be released by telephone.

A mark of 65% must be attained to achieve a pass and proceed to the next course.

Course Fees and Registration

Fee for Each Course: $960.50 ($850 + $110.50 HST). Payment is by Visa, MasterCard or American Express only. Course offerings are subject to a minimum enrollment.

You will receive an email acknowledgement and an electronic receipt from the University of Waterloo after you register. Log-in information will be emailed to you shortly before your course start date.

T2022As for Tax Returns: Audit courses qualify for four part-time months and the Tax courses qualify for three part-time months of study.  T2022A slip(s) will be mailed to you by the University of Waterloo for inclusion with filing of your tax return.You need to be enrolled in three or more of these courses in the same term to qualify for full-time status in that term.


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